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The replica rolex watch and box have arrived. The box and papers look professionally made, but the replica rolex watch has a faulty bracelet - the pins fall out, and the deployant buckle is very difficult to operate ! Also the 'gold' finish is of very poor quality. Please replace replica rolex watch with a model you have had properly checked, and I will have the faulty model returned to you. Otherwise send me a ladies replica rolex watch model as a replacement.

Thank you for your efforts to resolve this. Can you please VERY carefully check over the replica rolex watch ladies before you send it. The previous Cartier replica is VERY poor quality, and will be thrown away. No self respecting lady would wear it. So from my point of view, over £70 has been thrown away - but, the box is quite acceptable. Now, I took your company on trust when I bought the first watch. I suggest you take ME on trust, send the 4108, and if it is up to standard, I will make the £30 payment at once. If is is not of a good standard, I will pay for the return of both replica rolex watches for a refund, and cut my losses.

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I took you on trust, and received rolex replica uk, where the pins fell out within one day, and a cheap finish to the watch. It is 'not fit for purpose', and unwearable. There is no guarantee from you the 4108 replacement will be of proper quality. You require me to trust you once more; You seem not to trust me to be honourable, to pay £30(!!!) for this rolex replica uk when it is found to be acceptable. I have no wish to be dishonest for £30. I suggest you have enough confidence in (1) your products and (2) the integrity of your clients to send the 4108. I repeat, if it is of acceptable quality I shall pay for it.